Παντοκράτωρ 4 / head of Pantokrator

Παντοκράτωρ – Pantokrator

CV Studies: Second generation iconographer. His mentor was his father, a recognized Art Professor & iconographer, Vasileios J. Afentoulis, whose biography is mentioned in a number of Hellenic encyclopedias (“Christianiki Ithiki”, “Hydria”, “Hellines Zografoi 20th Century”) and was honoured for his offer in art by the Greek Ministry of Culture. For more than 25 years old, he decorated with his father more than  twenty Churches. He followed a solo career as an iconographer for the decoration of more than 25 Churches. Iconographic Style: As an iconographer, created his own personal iconographic style, inspired by the Byzantine Art and Orthodox Tradition, as well as by great iconographers of 14th– 18th Century. The iconographer adopts the traditional manner, without repeating the model. His personal creativity and style lies within the borders of byzantine tradition. According to a church’s architecture, iconographies have to be placed to a certain order (“Hagiokatataksi”). Specialisation: in icon-painting of Churches of wall-paintings and portable icons, restoration of wall-paintings, gold-plating of iconographies, portable icons and eikonostasia. Artwork: Icon-painting of more than forty Churches. Awards: Many awards for his own artwork. Honorary Αward by UNESCO for his great contribution to Culture and for the preservation and promotion of the traditional unique byzantine art to younger generations. Exhibitions: participation in a raw of fine art exhibitions. Member: Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. UNESCO. Union of Constantinopolitans and Minor Asians of Northern Attica “Aghia Sophia”. Graphic Artists Guild, Inc.